Our Story

Extreme Ventures began when longtime friends Jerry and Bryan, two electricians, met on a job site. They believed starting a business with the core values of providing professional knowledge should be shared with support to shooters and customers alike.  We noticed people wanted to reload their own ammo but didn’t have the knowledge or resources.  Bryan took a different path in life, and tell us why your doing it now Jerry went on to make that dream a reality.  Established in 2011, Extreme Ventures became Extreme Reloading in 2014.

Located in Henderson, Nevada. Twenty minutes from the Strip. Extreme Reloading offers the ultimate experience through on-site education & skill-building. With on-site NRA certified classes on reloading, Extreme Reloading has transformed reloading into a fun, informative, hands-on activity that takes place in a safe setting. Our classes are not done strictly from the book, we encourage people to manually learn how to accomplish.  This tactic will help shooters become better informed of this cost saving practice and allow them to make rounds that match their specific shooting needs.