Primer Drops for the Dillon 1050

Dillon spent primer drops

Primer drops can be one of the first add ons that are considered when getting into higher production loading.  For our review the two primer drops being reviewed were purchased from Fast and Friendly Brass and Uniquetek.

Unfortunately, at the time of this review I don’t have any kind of maintenance log on these particular item.  However, I would be comfortable in saying we have used both of of these primer drops for hundreds of thousands of rounds and to the point that we have either broke them or found flaws that need to be addressed.  So, lets take a look at what we found.

The Fast and Friendly primer drops are one of the newer ones to the market and is at a price of only $10.  Being that we have tried many of there products and use many of the products with great success, I felt it was an easy choice.  They go over and beyond to bring products to the market that will last, and be a valuable asset to the customer.  Upon delivery I noticed that their primer drops are very well made in comparison to some other options.  It is a 3D printed, but it was reinforced in a couple critical areas.  One, where it mounts to the press and two, where the hose attaches.  We noticed that when we attached it to the press that it didn’t fit as tight as we would have liked but didn’t think it would be an issue so we gave it a try.  Before long we would have primers get stuck, clog up the hole and back up which would end up stopping the press because the spent primers were getting jammed in the shellplate.  This answered our first concern which was the mounting hole provided.  We took the mounting screw out and adjusted the drop to where it sat in position as tight and as square as possible.  We then modified the mounting hole and re-attached it.  That did help.  However, I think due to the speed we run our machines at it brought on the issue that somehow the primers wouldn’t eject all the way or would somehow bind up and then a second one would come down and ultimately clog the hole up again and we would be back in the same situation.  I believe that if they make the area that the primers drop into a little larger that this problem will go away.  So, at this time we have reached out to them for a possible revision.  They are busy with releasing some other products at the moment but said they would look at this very soon.  I should point out that some of our Dillon presses are a little older so it is possible that this may be the reason for our mounting holes not lining up properly.


  1. Price
  2. Well built and reinforced where needed


  1. We were able to get primers to get stuck in the drop causing it to backup and jam up the press


The Bob Chute primer drops are a fairly successful option for us.  We sold several of these thru our retail store and never received any negative feedback.  At first look though I was disappointed with the construction of it.  It has a very thin mounting bracket that then continues onto the bowl area where the spent primers would fall into.  This opening is fairly large in comparison to the Fast and Friendly Brass one.  At a $30 price point I was a little bummed at the quality.  Overall it is just to thin in key areas.  Within a short period of time of installing and un-installing it we managed to crack the plastic from over-tightening the mounting screw.  We never managed to have any clog issues with it at all though which was nice.  However, when it did give away it broke where the tube attaches.  This did not completely surprise me since the product was made so thin to begin with.  The overall design works but they do need to consider making the stress points thicker to prevent these areas from breaking.  We will be reaching out to Uniquetek regarding these issues.  I am not sure if this is their product or not as I was not able to find anything under the product name during a quick internet search.


  1. Overall design


  1. Poor quality
  2. Price


At the time of this post we were using both products and just a couple days ago the Bob Chute snapped where the hose attached making it in operable.  This had us go back to the Fast and Friendly Brass one to keep us going.  So, a couple times a day we are likely to have to clear a couple clogs but we are still up and running.

Overall, I have been happy with both of them.  We have managed to put tons of spent primers thru these primer drops, really putting them to the test, and pushing the limits on both of them.

I know that most are not using them to the level we are but I still felt it was only fair to pass on what I have seen over the course of time.  In my opinion, if I can find something that works for us then you are pretty likely to have a great experience with it as well.


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