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 We gladly accept transfers for both FFL's and private parties.  Transfers are $30 PER FIREARM. 

This does NOT include the $25 NICS/Brady fee, if required.




The following items are required, and will delay the processing of your transfer if we dont have them upon receipt of the firearm(s).

Private Party                                                                 FFL
Sellers Name, Phone number & copy of DL                 Copy of Sellers FFL
Buyers Name and Phone number                                Buyers Name and Phone number


If you are purchasing from an FFL out of state make sure they have a copy of our FFL prior to completing your purchase.  This will prevent any delays in your order being shipped.  If they do not have a copy of our FFL it can be found at the bottom of our home page.


Brass Prep


Brass that has been reloaded and shot several times begins to harden and weaken the neck and shoulder which can cause variations in velocity and overal accuracy.  By annealing your brass you can extend the life, get consistent neck tension, as well as improve accuracy.  We are currently setup for .223/5.56 and 308.  If you are looking for another caliber call us first so we can give you a approximate time frame for completion.  Download form

Roll Sizing

Roll sizing is actually a more uniform way of sizing brass to ensure straight walls and proper dimensions.  As the "roll" word indicates, the brass is run through a machine that rolls it between two pieces of steel that shape the entire body of brass, not just the top 75% or so as you would get with your regular die sets.  Roll sizing is the best way to accurately and consistently size brass.  The most common occurances of needing to roll size is ammo that has been shot out of a Glock, or any firearm that has a unsupported chamber.  This is most commonly seen in .40 cal.


We currenly process 223 and 308.  Processing consists of decapping, swaging, trimming, and full length sizing.  Initial cleaning and chamfering is an option as well.

Brass must be free of berdan, steel, aluminum cases.  Brass with the headstamp IK 13 must also be removed.  These cases have a smaller flash hole and will bend and/or break decapping pins.


Custom Loading

We can load custom ammo based on your needs.  Please contact us for details.  We are currently able to load the following: